Jose Silva teaching a large class

How Jose Silva Discovered a New Dimension for Thinking

Most people - 90% - only have 2 states of consciousness:

Awake or asleep, meaning that they are either conscious or unconscious.

Psychologists realized that there is a lot of information just below Awake, in a light level of sleep. It is where creative ideas come from - sometimes in dreams, sometimes when we are relaxed.

They named it the Subconscious.

Some people - approximately 90%  - by some natural means, awakened the Subconscious and learned to use it consciously.

They experienced many benefits:

  • More spiritual
  • Healthier.
  • Safer from accidents.
  • More times right than wrong.
  • More successful in all aspects of life

Jose Silva saw this in action in his own 10 year old daughter Isabel when she began using her subconscious consciously.

He was using hypnosis to help her remember her schoolwork, but then one day she took control and started telling him what he intended to ask her before he asked.

How did this happen?

He recalled that Edgar Cayce "awakened" his subconscious and discovered he had psychic ability after a hypnotist help him overcome a health problem.

Cayce also discovered that he had excellent psychic ability and could use his inner conscious dimension to analyze peoples health problems mentally and advise them of natural ways to overcome the problems.

Silva recognized that all he needed to do to help people access their inner conscious dimension was to help them learn how to lower their brain frequencies to those associated with a light level of sleep, but without going to sleep.

He stopped using classic hypnosis where he was in charge and the hypnotized subject only responded to his instructions, and instead he put the subjects in charge.

That was the birth of Silva Mind Control: By learning to maintain awareness at that special area between wide awake and deep sleep - between outer consciousness and unconscious - you can do the same as Cayce and Isabel and a whole lot more.

Other scientists were just beginning to conduct "split brain experiments" where they observed that the left-brain hemisphere processes information in a logical, linear, manner, while the right-brain hemisphere is more creative.

This indicated to Silva that the the right hemisphere is best when you are searching for solutions and the left hemisphere when you are taking action in the physical world.

If you want to go from Laredo, in South Texas, to Chicago, that is a logistical problem. You know you need to go north, so you compare options and choose the best one. That is a job for the logical left-brain hemisphere.

But if you are at a loss to find any logical reason why a person is behaving in what appears to be an erratic manner, you need more information that you have been able to collect with your physical senses.

You need to use your psychic senses.

This indicated to Silva that information we gather with your physical senses - eyesight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch - is stored in the left-brain hemisphere, and information we detect with your psychic senses - our mind - is stored on the creative right brain hemisphere.

Many benefits

So the inner conscious dimension can be used for much more than simply finding new creative ways to use the information you have collected with your physical senses:

It would be like suddenly discovering that you can use the internet, and are no longer limited to only what you can detect within your immediate environment.

Imagine if you'd had a smartphone without an internet connection, and then somebody showed you how to connect and access the wealth of information available throughout the world.

That discovery would open up a whole new world for you, a world that most people were skeptical even existed when he first proposed this idea. Very few people believed in psychic ability.

Silva discovered a simple way to convince people that psychic ability - ESP - is real:

Demonstrate it to them.

Or more accurately: Let them demonstrate it to themselves by doing what Edgar Cayce had become famous for.

Edgar Cayce, "The Sleeping Prophet," would appear to go into a light level of sleep and then identify the subject's problem and offer a solution.

Every person who has attended the Silva ESP training and followed the simple instructions has done it. The only "failures" we have seen are those who won't follow the instructions, or who quit.

It only takes a few days to learn, then a couple of months of practice to develop proficiency.

So first, practice going to this brainwave level with conscious awareness several times, then familiarize yourself with the subjective (mental) dimension so that you can detect information with your mind and know what it means.

After that, develop your psychic ability by working health detection and correction cases.

Do this, and within a month you can be an accomplished psychic.